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During the World Tourism Day, on September 27th, the new Limbaži-Katvari greenway has been officially opened. 7km long, it connects the Hanseatic town Limbaži and beautiful Katvari lake. The greenway can be used for cyclists, hikers and also skiers in winter. It is foreseen that in the future the development of the greenway will continue.
Oct. 4th – Oct. 11th The 2014 World Championship of Slot Car Racing in Limbaži. Welcome to Limbazi. Instructions how to travel. http://www.isra2014.com/info/toLimbazi/ Isra wolds 2014 venu: Limbažu kultūras nams Rīgas iela 9, Limbaži, LV-4001, Latvia More information: www.isra2014.com and http://latvijasdzirnavas.wordpress.com of Twitter: @slotracing2014
July 18 – Aģes River Festival – Fun in the water, boating competition, singing, dancing, and local fish soup in Skulte. www.skulte.lv
June 26 –Third International Dixie Land Festival in Umurga. Age limit to the event: no age limit Event language: latvian Free entrance to the event: up to 12 years old persons Doors open: at 14:00
October 18 – ”Play, musician!” A gathering of musicians in the Village of Viļķene Contact: 64063245 www.vilkene.lv
August 30 – Traditional ”Night of the Bonfire” by the seashore in Skulte. www.skulte.lv
August 14 – Blossom Festival in the Igate Castle More information: www.igatespils.lv
July 19 and 20 – Lavender Festival in Umurga Contacts: Inga Purava GSM +371 26 447 888 info@lillaslavender.com More information: www.lilllaslavender.com
August 1, 2, 3 – Limbaži City Festival – Limbaži Celebrates! More information: www.visitlimbazi.lv
June 23 – Hay Cutting Festival in Āstere Start at: 11:00 Teams or individually. Preliminary application and certificate until the 21st June by phone 26342549, Jānis Viļumsons.
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 Aģes River Festival
 International Dixie Land Festival in Umurga
 ”Play, musician!”
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