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Interesting farms

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Environment health farm „Cērpi”.

Address: Skultes pag., Cērpi
GPS: lat: 57.350145; lon: 24.468269
A certified healer and reiki specialist offers lectures and advice in bath-house healing, vulnerary plant gathering and using, healing reiki sessions as well as lectures and seminars about the importance of healthy lifestyle and the national healing traditions. For a limited number of visitors.

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Farm "Zivtiņas"

Address: Katvaru pag., Zivtiņas
Fish breeding, realization, angling. Consultations can be given about fish breeding and fish pond making.

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Laugas swamp- farm "Gundegas"

Address: Vidrižu pag., Gundegas
GPS: lat: 57.272732; lon: 24.706192
A new research farm – research, development of new technologies, (innovation) production and cultivation of biologically active substances and products, in-field tests for large-size cranberry cultivation in Latvia, gardening – cultivation of Japanese quince, black currants, sea buckthorns, ashberries, chokeberries and viburnums. Product tasting available.

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Biological farm "Ezermalas"

Address: Skultes pag., Ezermalas
GPS: lat: 57.410201; lon: 24.519596
In the environmental health farm it is possible to purchase herbal tea, tools for the bath house and fragrant herbs.

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Chinchilla display at ''Sautlāči'' farm

Address:Vidrižu pag., Sautlāči
GPS: lat: 57.365423; lon: 24.701042
All about the origin of chinchillas, the opportunity to view and pet the little critters, it is possible to also view quails.

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Farm "Reķi"

Address:Katvaru pag., Reķi
GPS: lat: 57.601228; lon: 24.793383
Integrated fruit-growing farm with a 8,3 ha big apple orchard, more than 20 apple varietes, 8000 appletrees. A big fruit repository, apple and juice realization in the farm or delivery. A view of the farm, consultations in apple-growing, tours and trips in the garden with apple-carriages.

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Džona Brauna wine

Address:„Jokas”, Limbažu pagasts
GPS: lat: 57.24239; lon: 24.4359

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Lavander fields- Lillas lavender

Address:Mazķītas, Umurgas pagasts, Limbažu novads
GPS: lat: 57.470756; lon: 24.894993
Relaxing activity for recreation and photo shoots, absolute fragrance and serenity. It is possible to see the lavender fields during the summer, preferably- after the summer solstice up to middle of August.

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Mini ZOO "Priedītes"

Address:"Priedītes", Katvaru pagasts, Limbažu novads
Piedāvā: picnick area, horseback riding

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The Most Extensive Open Air Exhibition of Herbal Plants in Vidzeme

Address:"Lādes Avotiņi", Limbažu pagasts
“The green chemists” of Latvia’s nature – more than 300 different plants.
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