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Landscape gardens

Last edited: 22.02.2022
Lavander fields- Lillas lavender

Address:Mazķītas, Umurgas pagasts, Limbažu novads
GPS: lat: 57.470371; lon: 24.893373
Relaxing activity for recreation and photo shoots, absolute fragrance and serenity. It is possible to see the lavender fields during the summer, preferably- after the summer solstice up to middle of August.

Last edited: 22.02.2022
O.Kiršteins landscape garden in Tūja

Address:Salacgrīvas nov., Tūja, Liedaga iela 41
GPS: lat: 57.497186968803575; lon: 24.384007860313474
In the designing of the garden advice was asked from the landscape-gardener Zenta Skrastiņa from Burtnieki, but the original project was quite modified, almost refusing from the vegetable garden.
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