Red cliffs at Salaca

The Red Rocks of Salaca are a sandstone cliff that stretches for more than 400 metres.
The Red Rocks of Salaca are located near the Iron Bridge in Mērnieki. It is a sandstone cliff that stretches for more than 400 m. The cliff is not high - only about 10 metres - but it is high enough to dazzle with its beauty.. On both banks of the Salaca, at least 3 km further downstream from the Red Rocks, there are some sandstone outcrops - on the right bank there is a cluster of rock outcrops and the Upeskalna Rocks, a little further - the Zvīguļi Rocks. After 2.8 km, the 150 m long and 4-5 m high Junči cliffs appear, then the Rostu cliffs with some small caves and outcrops.

To better enjoy these beautiful cliffs, we recommend a boat trip along the Salaca River from Mērnieki to Salacgrīva.

There is a recreation area by the Red Rocks of Salaca, there are 5 shelters with tables, several fireplaces and tents for overnight stays.

The recreation area is managed by the association "SALACKRASTI Fishing Club" and the fishing association "Ūdensroze".
Mērniekos, Salacas upes krastā
lat: 57.8411848; lon: 24.4856316


Recreation area "Salaca red cliffs"

Address:Ainažu pagasts
A place to rest by the Salaca river. Near Salaca red cliffs. read more ››

Boat rental "Zvīguļlaivas"

Address:"Zvīguļi", Ainažu pagasts
Phone:+371 26462579
Zvīguļlaivas offers boat rental. Provides full-service water-touring equipment delivery for one- or multi-day recreational trips along the Salaca River.


Boat rental "Čiekurlaivas"

Address:Karateri 2, Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 29 489 576
Čiekurlaivas offers canoe and kayak rentals, as well as SUP rentals. read more ››

Recreation area "Klāviņi"

Address: Ainažu pagasts
Phone:+371 29469801, +371 22481076
The recreation area "Klāviņi" have: toilet, gazebo with electricity* (inside there is one large table with benches), outside the gazebo there are two tables with benches. read more ››

Recreation area "Kanīši"

Address: "Kaniši", Ainažu pagasts
Phone:+371 29488454
The recreation area "Kaniši" is located on the banks of the Salaca River and has a well-equipped campfire area, tent pitches and WC. read more ››
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