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Katvari manor park

At the manor, on the lakeside, was made a beautiful regular style Italian park with specialy made terraces. The park clings to the Katvari lake, which is 1 km long and about 5 m deep. Now the manor park is in total area of 22 ha and with 25 exotic tree species.
Piedāvā: swimming
Address: Katvaru pag., Katvari
GPS: lat: 57.567231; lon: 24.749794

Address: Katvari parish, Katvari

In front of the manor building where the greenery was, in 1970. a sports square was set up, but all the remaining park with trees and plantations was preserved in the initial look. Interesting are the linden allies, from which the most impressive is the upper terrace 400 years old, 4-5 m wide and to 40 m tall gigantic linden alley. Most unforgettable of the Katvari park plantations is the northern linden labyrinth with very odd shapen linden, through which leafs you can't see the sky. Here are shots taken for the movies ''Tauriņdeja'' and ''Tās dullās Paulīnas dēļ''. In the park on the lake shore, not far from the Katvari special elementary boarding school stands a memorial sign for the repressed people of Katvari parish. In the stone are carved these words: '' The dream of my motherland I will put as my pillow''
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