Ungurpils Mill Lake

Ungurpils Mill Lake is an artificial lake created by the flooding of the Jogla River. It is unique for its floating islands, which were formed after the lake was flooded.
lat: 57.772383; lon: 24.818222


Ungurpils Mill Lake Trail

Address:Liepu iela 3, Ungurpils
Ungurpils Mill Lake is artificially created, with several floating islands. Next to the lake is a park planted 100 years ago by the former Ungurpils Manor. read more ››

Biological farm "Lielkalni"

Address:Lielkalni, Ungurpils, Alojas pagasts
Phone:+371 26362975

Karogi Nature Trail

Address:Staiceles pagasts, Limbažu novads
The trail leads along the banks of the Karogupīte (Dzelzāmurupīte) river with caves, cliffs, a boulder and the Ķenča castle mound. You can sip the water from the spring. Near the pond, there is a recreation area with bathing and fire places and sports grounds. The trail starts and ends at the rest area by the pond. read more ››

Aloja Local History Centre

Address:Ausekļa iela 1, Aloja
Phone:+371 29355172
A chance to learn about the history of Aloja and its surroundings, to see exhibitions dedicated to local people. The Aloja Museum was founded on 1 January 2001. read more ››

Poet Ausekli's Bust

Address:Ausekļa iela 1, Aloja
In front of the Aloja Ausekļa Secondary School there is a monument dedicated to poet Auseklis, created by sculptor Marta Lange and installed in 1973. read more ››
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