Pāle parish district museum

The exhibition reflects the history of Pāle parish and its surrounding area. This is the only museum in Latvia where information is available about the history of Vidzeme’s Livs.

The museum and exhibition started in 1995. Now 3 exhibition rooms can be viewed, which tell about Pāle and its surroundings history as well as about the most significant countryman, for example, Juris Neikens. There is also a room viewable with exhibits from the beginning of 19th century till end of the 20th century.

In the museum the exhibition ''Vidzeme Livs and their successors'' can be viewed, where basic information about Vidzeme Livs has been gathered, materials can be viewed from 1932. and 1938. g. LU Anathomy institute director J.Prīmanis organized anthropological research expeditions in Vidzeme seaside (materials from J. Prīmanis Anathomy museum) and a insight in Vidzeme Livs families - Ādmīdiņi, Bērziņi, Bisnieki, Feldmaņi, Gīzes, Jēkabsoni, Kalēji, Kariņi, Lielnoras, Pļaviņi and Zīlemaņi history. Family trees, which beginnings lies in the 18th century, but the successors are found nowadays.

At this moment it is clear that the viewpoint that the Livs in Vidzeme have extinct in the second half of the 19th century, is wrong. Research in the archives and the parish Orthodox and Lutheran churches unpublished dokuments prove that most of these families were broad and branched, the successors still live not only in the Svētciems surroundings, but in whole Latvia and countries abroad.
Pāles pag., Kalnakrogs
lat: 57.705938; lon: 24.654306
+371 26489008
Working hours
During season 1st May-1st October opened Mon.-Sat. 11am-4pm
In off season- Mon.-Sat. 11am-3 pm

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