Pizzeria "Bagāta pica"

Address:Rīgas iela 18, Limbaži
Phone:+371 28387738
Bakes very tasty pizzas with the possibility of delivery in Limbaži and the surrounding area. Over 20 types of pizza, Caesar salads, sushi, appetizers, etc. All dishes are made when ordered. read more ››

Cafe Mārtiņbode

Address: Limbažu pag., "Santes", ceļa Limbaži-Tūja 2. km
Phone:+371 29210829
Cafe, bar, seminar organization, setting of party tables to 100 persons. read more ››

N. Bomis bakery "Lielezers"

Address:"Stekļi", Limbaži
Phone:+371 64023391
Since August 1991, the family-owned bakery "Lielezers" in Limbaži, N. Bomja Bakery Ltd., has been baking coarse and sweet sourdough bread according to an ancient technology developed by master baker Alberts Blumbergs. "Bread that you can recognise by its taste". read more ››

Kebab shop "Hansa kebab"

Address:Baznīcas laukums 1, Limbaži
Phone:+371 25756196
"Hanzas Kebabs" is a new and tasteful café-kebabshop. Kebabs, various snacks, cocktails and Brenguli beer! Orders accepted 30 minutes before closing time. read more ››

SIA „Matadors”

Address: „Ievas”, Katvaru pagasts
Phone:+371 28313836
Matadors is a family-run business producing meat products. The range includes fresh meat, smoked meats, sausages, roasts, canned meats, pates, round dumplings and cookery. It also provides meat and game processing services. read more ››

"Baltijas zivis 97" Ltd

Address:"Ikriņi", Mandegas, Skultes pagasts
Phone:+371 64065175

Farm "Zivtiņas"

Address:Zivtiņas. Katvaru pag., Limbažu nov.,
Phone:+371 26559605, +371 21631544
Fish breeding, realization, angling. Consultations can be given about fish breeding and fish pond making. read more ››

Restaurant "il Capitano"

Address:Pērnavas 49a, Kuiviži (Salacgrīva)
Phone:+371 29390312
If the hectic pace of everyday life makes the time pass by without you noticing, let us help you stop the clock a little by enjoying a meal at our restaurant "Kapteiņu osta". In fine weather, enjoy your meal on the summer terrace, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea and the sunset sets a special mood. read more ››


Phone:+371 29205367
Strong drink from berries.
Flavours - raspberry, rowan, cranberry, lingonberry, sea buckthorn! read more ››

Restaurant/ tavern "Lauču akmens"

Address:"Lauči", Skultes pag.
Phone:+371 26350536

Pizzeria "Lauvas pica"

Address: Limbaži, Rīgas iela 8
Phone:+371 20 287 888
"Lauvas pica" offers freshly baked and after original recipes made pizzas, observing an special preparation of the dough, which ensures a constant quality, as well as salad, soups, refreshing drinks, coffee and tea. read more ››

Pub "Kuivižkrogs"

Address:Pērnavas iela 58, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 25609898
Delicious food and drinks near the sea.

Cafe "Priedes māja"

Address:Valdemāra iela 51 Ainaži, Ainažu pag.
Phone:+371 20063355
A place to have a meal, celebrate a special occasion and relax after a hard workday or a holiday. The café "Priedes māja" always offers simple but delicious dishes. read more ››


Address:Limbaži, Jaunā iela 8
Phone: +371 2 9563446
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