Viļķene St. Catherine Lutheran Church

Address:Baznīcas iela 4, Viļķene, Viļķenes pag., Limbažu nov.,
Phone: +371 26187321
Constructed in 1866 in the Gothic style. The church organ was constructed in 1868 and is a cultural monument of national significance. read more ››

Augstroze Evangelical – Lutheran Church

Address:Augstrozes baznīca, Umurgas pag., Limbažu nov.,
Phone: +371 29127163
The church was constructed in 1789. Its altar was later moved to the masonry church constructed in 1859. In 1968, the church was closed and turned into a grain warehouse. Augstrozes’ parish renewed its activity in 1991. The church has since been reconstructed and its altar has acquired its former appearance. read more ››

Hiking among Power Oaks

Address:Medņi, Vidrižu pagasts, Limbažu novads
Phone:+371 26380555

Vainiži castle mound

Address:Umurgas pag., Vainiži
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