Homemaker Uldis Rozenšteins

''Nēģis Burciņā'' is charcoal-grilled, cooked lampreys in jelly.
It is a family recipe and is made without preservatives or additives. The heat treatment allows you to enjoy the lamprey jelly even when the fishing season is long over, as the product has a long shelf life.
Zaļā iela 14, Salacgrīva
lat: 57.766278; lon: 24.367933

Produce in Salacgrīva

Address:Zaļā iela 18, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 28813154
The company smokes bacon, pork loin, chops, makes salted bacon with garlic and other delicacies. read more ››

Monument "Milda"

The memorial is located between Pērnavas and Vilņu streets. read more ››

Our Lady of Refuge Orthodox church in Salacgrīva

Address: Pērnavas iela 12, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 29168461
Built in 1873, its architect is R. Pflūgs, who is also the author of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ or the Orthodox Cathedral in Rīga. read more ››

Lielsalaca Lutheran Church

Address:Baznīcas iela 2a, Salacgrīva
The altar of the church currently houses an oil painting "The Ascension of Christ" by the Limbaži pharmacist K. Gelhar, which was placed on the altar in 1847. The pulpit and some of the benches date from the second half of the 18th century. read more ››

Alley of fame

On 16 July 2016, the " Alley of Fame" was opened on the promenade. The idea was conceived by Dagnis Straubergs. In the alley, you will find 24 bronze palm prints of famous people who have visited our city. read more ››
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