Museum "The Treasury"

Museum "The Treasury " surprises with its rich assortment of items.
Here you can see Soviet-era audio, video and still cameras - from the first models onwards - as well as various magazines, books, toys, crockery and furnishings that go back even further.
The colourful parade of objects in the old bookshop's rustic interior, so varied in content and time, allows everyone to find something interesting to jog their memories, refresh their knowledge of history or simply stimulate their imagination.
To visit museum, call in advance - 26436719! 
Rīgas iela 7, Salacgrīva
lat: 57.7526374; lon: 24.3570644

+371 26436719

Rīga Street

Address:Rīgas iela, Salacgrīva
Rīgas Street is the only paved street in Salacgrīva and has always played an important role in the social and cultural life of the town and beyond. read more ››

Association boat

Address:Rīgas ielā 10, Salacgrīva
A fishing boat donated to the town by fisherman Visvaldis Šrenks in November 2006 is on display at 10 Rīgas Street, Salacgrīva. European Union regulations prevent our fishermen from developing their fishing industry. On the contrary, it has to be reduced. Visvaldis had a choice: give the boat to the city for non-profit use outside the fishery or give it to be scrapped. Visvaldis chose the first option. read more ››

Salacgrīva Tourism Information Center

Address:Rīgas iela 10A, Salacgrīva, Latvija, LV 4033
Phone:+371 26463025; +371 64041254

In the tourist information center of Salacgrīva, you will get information about the towns of Salacgrīva, Ainaži, as well as other nearby or further destinations, both in the Limbaži district and in further or closer corners of Latvia.


Sidraba zieds

Phone:+371 26579182
The machine sewings created by Inese Zmičerevska from Salacgrīva will delight everyone - everyday and on festive occasions. read more ››

Store "Created by the Sea"

Address:Rīgas iela 13, Salacgrīva
Phone: +371 26331880
Store "Created by the Sea" is located in the shop "TOP". read more ››
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