Nature reserve "Vidzeme Stony seashore"

The protection of Vidzeme's stony seashore began in 1957 with the creation of a 3 km-long protected geological site on both sides of the Ķurmrags. In 1987, a complex nature reserve of 1322 ha was established.
The nature reserve "Vidzeme Stony Seashore" was approved in 2004 within its current boundaries and area of 3371 ha. 
The nature reserve is located in the territories of Liepupe and Salacgrīva parishes of Limbaži municipality. It is the most beautiful and varied stretch of coastline between Tūja and Vitrupe, including sandstone outcrops and extensive rocky beaches, coastal landscape of small houses and forests, as well as a strip of shallow sea water up to 10 m deep. The marine area of the reserve is characterised by underwater sandbanks and shoals, rock clusters, and deeper, coarse sand, gravel, pebbles and rocks. The algae beds present are important feeding areas for herring and waterbirds. The natural meadows, which have developed under the influence of long-term management, and the diverse, often wet and little affected by economic activities forests are also among the special natural values of the reserve. The Red Cliffs of Ežurga and the Cliffs of Veczemju are protected natural monuments. The area is also cultural and historical important. It was once the site of one of the shipyards on the Vidzeme coast. Storms wash ashore, creating new outcrops and a magnificent landscape, but unfortunately washing away roads and threatening buildings.
To avoid losing the diversity of the natural landscape that characterises the reserve, it is important to preserve natural beaches, steep banks, dunes and biologically valuable forests, and to maintain mowed or grazed meadows. The building a dense structure alien to this coastline is not allowed.

Vidzeme's stony seashore is best explored on foot or by bicycle.
Liepupes un Salacgrīvas pagasti
lat: 57.548168; lon: 24.366303


Ežurga cliffs

Address:Liepupes pagasts
A sandstone outcrop of the Burtnieki Suite, up to 3.5 m high and about 50 m wide. The outcrop is a beautiful red colour. The Ežurga flows into the sea with a waterfall in the northern part of the cliffs. In the northern part, north of the mouth of the Ežurga, the cliffs are smooth and about 10 m wide. read more ››

Ķurmrags Lighthouse

Address:Liepupes pagasts
Ķurmrags Lighthouse is located in Ķurmragciems, on the Cape of Ķurmrags Land. Ķurmrags is the most significant cape on the Vidzeme coast of the Gulf of Riga. read more ››

Recreation place "Vasas"

Rest place by the sea. Located in the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve and the nature reserve "Vidzeme rocky sea". read more ››

Bicycle rental "Klintis"

Address:"Klintis", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27852476
Kempings "Klintis" has thought of you, active recreation enthusiast, by offering bicycle rental. Why not go for a thrilling ride with friends or alone along the stony Vidzeme seaside or in the enchanting silence of the forest. read more ››

Camping "Klintis"

Address:"Klintis", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27852476
Camping "Klintis" is located right by the sea, next to the beautiful Veczemju Cliffs. read more ››
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