Guest house "Bērziņi"

Guest house "Bērziņi" is cosily furnished and suitable for relaxation at any time of the year in the nature reserve "Vidzeme stony sea".
Enjoy an exclusive holiday for two, with family or friends to. Relax in the sauna and spend peaceful evenings by the fireplace, listening to music, watching TV or soaking in the silence. The guest house has double rooms, shower, toilet, sauna with modern appliances and kitchen equipped with crockery.
Activities: a walk along the sea watching unforgettable sunsets and listening to the sound of the sea, an exciting game on the tennis courts, cycling in the picturesque landscape, water fun and boat trips, a walk in the forest listening to the birds singing, fishing, mushroom picking, berry picking.
"Bērziņi 1", Salacgrīvas pagasts
lat: 57.594406; lon: 24.374584


Kutkāju boulder

Address:Salacgrīvas pagasts
Height 2.1 m, width 3 m, length 6 m, surface volume 16 m3. This moulded stone has sharp, broken geometric lines, vertical lateral edges, cracks, jagged edges, without any rounded lines. The unusually elongated shape and sharp edges suggest that the Kutkāji boulder has not retained its original bulk and rounded shape, but has been stonecut. read more ››

Veczemju cliffs

You must have heard of the Vidzeme rocky seashore - a 12-kilometre stretch of coastline where sandstone outcrops can be seen on the sea shore. read more ››

Camping "Klintis"

Address:"Klintis", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27852476
Camping "Klintis" is located right by the sea, next to the beautiful Veczemju Cliffs. read more ››

Bicycle rental "Klintis"

Address:"Klintis", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27852476
Kempings "Klintis" has thought of you, active recreation enthusiast, by offering bicycle rental. Why not go for a thrilling ride with friends or alone along the stony Vidzeme seaside or in the enchanting silence of the forest. read more ››

Sea residence Rainis

Address:Vitrupes stāvlaukums, Salacgrīvas pag.
Phone:+371 25445333
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