Randu meadow trail and bird watching tower

Randu meadows is a nature reserve that covers the stretch of the Vidzeme coastline from Ainaži to Kuiviži.
Randu Meadows is a nature reserve that covers the stretch of the Vidzeme coast from Ainaži to Kuiviži. The Randu meadows are the only coastal meadows in Latvia, which can also be considered as a living herbarium, where a third of Latvia's plant species, or about 600 species, including 37 rare and endangered species in Latvia and other European countries, can be found on an area of 200 ha. 

In 2006, a trail and a bird watching tower were built in the Randu meadows. The trail will take you through the meadows and the adjacent dune, covered with pine mint and flax, to the bird observation tower. Wooden footbridges in some places alternate with a simply trodden path. The total length of the trail is about 1.4 km in one direction. The birdwatching tower will give you an excellent opportunity to have an undisturbed look at the reed bird life or to relax in peaceful silence. 
Several picnic tables are available at the birdwatching tower.


Kuiviži - Ainaži, Limbažu novads
lat: 57.833603; lon: 24.344281

Working hours

Rand meadows are available at any time of the day.

The nature trail and the watching tower are free of charge.

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