Camping "Klintis"

Address:"Klintis", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27852476
Camping "Klintis" is located right by the sea, next to the beautiful Veczemju Cliffs. read more ››

Camping "Milleri"

Address:Pērnavas 35C, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 29120001, +37129120023, +37126121484
Camping "Milleri" is located in Salacgrīva, 250 metres from the sandy Baltic Sea. read more ››

Camping "River Camp"

Address:''Ķīši'', Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+371 29 161 724
Camping "River Camp" - a glamping tent, is located in the territory of the Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, in the village of Lembuži, next to Liepupīte river. The seaside is also very close - as it would take about a 10 minute walk to the seashore.

Camping "Stārķu ciemats"

Address:Sporta iela 6, Staicele
Phone:+371 29177705
The camping cabins are located on the banks of the Salaca River near Staicele School. It can accommodate up to 54 persons (up to 6 persons in each cottage). read more ››

Camping "Vitrupes mājiņas"

Address:Vitrupes iela 6, Vitrupe, Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 25663042; + 371 22468365
In summer, you can rent holiday cottages in Vitrupe, where you can enjoy peace and quiet and relax by the sea, which is just a few minutes away. read more ››

Camping/Guest house Lauču akmens

Address: Skultes pag., Limbažu nov.,
Phone:+371 26350536
We offer you rest on the seaside, beach, lodging for night (comfortable rooms and accommodations, apartments, camping houses), trailer parking lot, car park, bath, cafe, organizing celebrations, serving the tables, children’s playground. In our camping you will enjoy relaxing in fresh air at the sea, taking walks and taking delight in the picturesque sceneries of Vidzeme beach. read more ››

Center Apartment "Elīza"

Address:Rīgas iela 13, Limbaži
Phone:+371 26397254

Dormitory "Staicele - Learning and Training Hub"

Address:Sporta iela 5, Staicele
Phone:+371 28334407 (Egons Brants)
The Latvian Football Federation Service Hotel is located on the banks of the Salaca River. It can accommodate up to 120 persons. read more ››

Family house rooms

Address:Smiltenes iela 10, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 25527059
Family house rooms are located in Salacgrīva, just 100 metres from the beautiful Salaca River. read more ››

Floating house with sauna "Palikt niedrēs"

Address:Pērnavas iela 49 A, Kuiviži, (Salacgrīva)
Phone:+371 26169653
The holiday home is located on the water, so this will be a special overnight stay experience. read more ››

Guest house "Kraukļi"

Address:"Kraukļi", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:371 26 322 316
Guest house "Kraukļi" offers accommodation in three buildings - Guest House, Youth Hostel and Small Bathhouse. read more ››

Guest house "Noriņi"

Address: Limbažu pag., Ozolaine
Phone: +371 29827007, +371 29487004

Guest house "Skulte Manor"

Address:Skultes pag.
Phone:+371 29546818, 26160060, 29633393
In 2004, the Skulte Manor House was renovated with co-financing from the European Union and the Latvian state, and is now an old-fashioned guest house with modern amenities. read more ››

Guest houses "Jūras dzintars"

Address:Parka iela 9, Ainaži
Phone:+371 28675277
In "Jūras dzintars" you will be surrounded with peace, silence, the sound of the sea and beautiful sunsets. From the cottages to the sea is just 100 steps. read more ››

Holiday house "Dune House"

Address:Krasta iela 16, Tūja, Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+371 22422433
Holiday house with sea view!

Holiday house "Jūras bura"

Address:Jūras iela 41, Tūja
Phone:+371 29 847 299
Holiday house for a pleasant holiday by the sea only 50m from a nice, quiet beach. read more ››

Holiday house "Klintskalni"

Address:"Klintskalni 1", Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+47 928 68 729
Holiday house "Klintskalni" offers two log houses with reed roofs for rent right by the sea. read more ››

Holiday house "Kosīši"

Address:„Kosīši”, Svētciems, Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 29 479 426
The guest house and holiday houses are located in Svētciems, next to the Vidzeme seaside. read more ››

Holiday house "Liedegas"

Address:"Liedegas", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27 527 551
Holiday house "Liedegas" is 52 steps from the beach. The holiday house is set in a 90-year-old log cabin that originally served as a net house for coastal fishermen. read more ››

Holiday house "Randu klēts"

Address:Atlantijas iela 22, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 26385663
Holiday house "Randu Klēts" is a house with a past, pampered and designed, where the ancient meets the modern. read more ››
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