Camping "Vitrupes mājiņas"

In summer, you can rent holiday cottages in Vitrupe, where you can enjoy peace and quiet and relax by the sea, which is just a few minutes away.
The cottages are equipped with all facilities.
Both cottages have :
-living room;
In one cottage can sleep up to 6 people and in the other up to 8 people, if you need to sleep more people there are also tent places available.
Each cottage has a picnic area next to it - barbecue, fireplace, table. There is also a volleyball court.
Vitrupes iela 6, Vitrupe, Salacgrīvas pagasts
lat: 57.637135; lon: 24.381590

+371 25663042; + 371 22468365

Cafe "Karle"

Address:"Jūraslīči", Limbažu novads
Phone:+371 29227476
Guest House "Karle" offers the opportunity to meet good friends or relax with your family in a romantic evening in a welcoming and cosy café with 25 seats. read more ››

Guest house "Karle"

Address:"Jūraslīči", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Guest house "Karle" is located in Vitrupe.

Recreation complex "Muižuļi"

Address:"Muižuļi", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 26885917
Recreation complex in Limbaži municipality - Vitrupe - 150m from the sea coast. read more ››

PineCones Workshop

Address:“Sildzeņi”, Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone: +371 26167607
A small timber processing company that strives to combine a fast-paced, modern lifestyle with the peace of nature. The company likes to experiment with different natural materials to make amazing objects and accessories that bring everyone a little closer to nature. read more ››

Holiday house "Liedegas"

Address:"Liedegas", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27 527 551
Holiday house "Liedegas" is 52 steps from the beach. The holiday house is set in a 90-year-old log cabin that originally served as a net house for coastal fishermen. read more ››
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