Cycling route "Explore the ancient manor roads"

The cycling route "Explore the ancient manor roads" is designed as a circular route from Salacgrīva to Lāņi and back, with a total length of 20 kilometres.
On the route you can see:

  • Salacgrīva Museum - an opportunity to learn about the history of Salacgrīva and its surroundings;
  • Reisagrāvis - a river flowing into the Gulf of Riga, located between Katlapi in the north and Svētciems in the south. The river flows into the Gulf of Riga north of Ķeguļrags.
  • Keguļrags is a headland that is exposed to the sea and is extensively covered with reeds. Ķeguļrags is a great place for birdwatching enthusiasts, as in summer (especially in the early part of the year), as well as in autumn, bird migration takes place there.
  • Toberkalns - one of the sites on the banks of the Svētupe River, which is also of archaeological importance. Toberkalns is a cemetery of the latest times - according to the antiquities, amber beads and silver rings found in Toberkalns, the cemetery dates back to the 17th century - and is the cemetery of the Fēgezak family, owners of Svētciems and Lāņi Manor, as evidenced by the bases of the grave crosses still visible on the hill. The origin of the name Toberkalns has not yet been traced, but it is known that the hill was also called the Swedish Cemetery, and in 1930 a story about a haunting and meeting the Devil was written down.
  • Svētupe lamprey trap - Small traps are commonly used for lamprey fishing in Svētupe and are suitable for daily insertion and retrieval while standing on the footbridge of the trap. The traps are placed in the river in the evening after dark and removed at dawn, with an hourly check of the catch. The lamprey fishery in the Svētupe runs from 1 August to 1 February.
  • Laņi manor - in 1872 Lāndhof manor farm was separated from Svētciems manor. Lāņi manor was also called a hunting castle, because gentlemen came from abroad - Germany, Italy - to hunt. According to the stories, there were sculptures of deer heads at the top of both sides of the main entrance, and a deer head in the middle.
  • "Ledus oga" - if you fancy an ice cream during your trip, make sure you visit the ice cream shop "Ledus oga". It is a small company that produces ice cream and sorbets. Currently, Ledus Oga's product range includes 12 types of ice cream - chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, wild strawberry, blueberry, tiramisu, mojito, lime-yoghurt, mint, passion fruit, eggnog and yuzu (citrus) and 4 types of sorbets - orange, pineapple, cherry and lemon. All sorbets are made from juices. The ice creams are available in 200 ml or 400 ml containers.
  • Svētupe Manor Complex (formerly Svētciems Manor Stables) - Researching the history of the Svētciems Stables, you will learn that after the state land reform in 1925, the stables became state property and housed one of the first Latvian stud farms. The complex is currently being renovated, with plans for a leisure, meeting and conference centre with large, spacious and open spaces, a café, and a retro car showroom.

The route is not marked in nature.

Route on the map: 
Rīgas iela 10a, Salacgrīva
lat: 57.751809; lon: 24.355852

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