Hiking "Tūja - Svētciems" (Day 29 of Baltic Coastal Hiking)

One of the most beautiful stretches of the Baltic Coastal Hiking, starting with the crossing of the Zaķupīte River.
The shore up to Ķurmrags Lighthouse is mostly sandy with small rocky stretches. Beyond this, the rocky Vidzeme coastline begins, where headlands are mixed with small coves, and sandstone outcrops up to 4 m high rise on the shore. Beyond the Meleki cape, there is again a mainly sandy beach, and before the mouth of the Svētupe River, a heavily overgrown beach and reedbed, which can be avoided by a forest road.

Full route information and map available at "HERE"
lat: 57.491683; lon: 24.380465

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Tūja Pier and Tūja Beach

Once upon a time, the only pier or boat slipway like the one in Tūja was from Mangaļsala all the way to Ainaži. read more ››

Camping "Jūrasdzeņi"

Address:Jūras iela 10, Tūja
Phone:+371 26550574, +371 29410424
Camping "Jūrasdzeņi "is located on the Baltic Sea coast, where the nature reserve "Vidzeme rocky seaside" begins north of the river Zaķupe estuary. read more ››

Grill bar "Jūrasbite"

Address:Jūras iela 10, Tūja
Phone:+371 29777295, +37129225554
"Jūrasbite" is a beach grill bar in Tūjā, in the territory of the camping "Jūrasdzeņi", right by the sea, where you can enjoy summer and summer feelings - sea, sand, great food, cool beer, positive and sparkling emotions, company of friends, cosy atmosphere, taste of sweet cocktails, falling in love... read more ››

Holiday house "Dune House"

Address:Krasta iela 16, Tūja, Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+371 22422433
Holiday house with sea view!

O.Kiršteins landscape garden in Tūja

Address:Liedaga iela 41, Tūja
Phone:+371 26417757
In the designing of the garden advice was asked from the landscape-gardener Zenta Skrastiņa from Burtnieki, but the original project was quite modified, almost refusing from the vegetable garden. read more ››
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