Cafe "Strautiņi"

Home cooking for all tastes. Party tables, funeral banquets, weddings, etc.
Set tables for outings.
"Strautiņi", Vilzēni
lat: 57.718269; lon: 25.011938
+371 68627000

Pub "Urgas krogs"

Address:Urgas dzirnavas, Braslavas pag.
Phone:+371 29284755
Located on the Valmiera - Ainaži road (P 16) between Matiši and Aloja. Housed in an old and renovated mill building. It offers weekend entertainment, tables and party rooms for rent. read more ››

Ozolmuiža Manor

Address:Ozolmuižas pils, Ozolmuiža, Brīvzemnieku pag., Limbažu nov., Latvija, LV-4063
Ozolmuiža manor house was built at the end of the 18th century for Count Georg Johann Mellin. In 1889 an extension was built to the castle - the Count's study. From 1952 the manor housed the Ozols Agricultural School, and from 1993 the Ozolmuiža Primary School, which closed in the summer of 2020. read more ››

Purezers Nature Trail

The trail is located in the territory of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. The trail offers picturesque views of the marsh lake and the landscape of the high marsh. Visiting the nature trail, you can relax and get to know the flora and fauna of the marsh. The nature trail has rest areas with tables, benches and fireplaces. There are two floating platforms at opposite ends of the lake. At the beginning of the trail, there is a parking area and a resting place at the edge of the "Nut Track". read more ››

Puikule Manor

Address:Puikules muiža, Puikule, Brīvzemnieku pag.
Phone:+371 26321158
In May 2014, the Puikule Primary School was closed and the Puikule Manor Community Centre was established to keep the building open for local residents and the community. read more ››

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Aloja

Address:Baznīcas iela 2, Aloja
Aloja Evangelical Lutheran Church is a Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church church located in the centre of Aloja. read more ››
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