Boat rental ""

Phone:+371 27848414 offers kayak and canoe rentals on classic Latvian rivers and lakes - Salaca, Memele, Brasla, Gauja, Pededze, Irbe, Abava. read more ››

Liv Museum "Pivālind"

Address:Lielā iela 14, Staicele
Phone:+371 28673984
The Liv Museum "Pivālind" (translated as "holy bird"), in cooperation with the community, explores and studies the cultural and historical values of Staicele and its rural area, their connection with the former Liv territory and inhabitants of Metsepole from the earliest times to the present day. read more ››

Open-air complex with Artists' Shed

Address:Lielā iela 19, Staicele
Phone: +371 27806452
In July 2008, an open-air complex - the Artists' Shed, was opened in the centre of the town, behind the Weavers' House at 19 Lielā Street. read more ››

Purezers Nature Trail

The trail is located in the territory of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. The trail offers picturesque views of the marsh lake and the landscape of the high marsh. Visiting the nature trail, you can relax and get to know the flora and fauna of the marsh. The nature trail has rest areas with tables, benches and fireplaces. There are two floating platforms at opposite ends of the lake. At the beginning of the trail, there is a parking area and a resting place at the edge of the "Nut Track". read more ››

Salaca river rafting tour

Address:Dzirnavu iela 20, Staicele, Limbažu novads
Phone:+371 29190741

Staicele iron springs

Address:Lielā iela 43, Staicele
The natural monument consists of two gently rising springs on the left bank of the Salaca River. The springs are situated at the top of two parallel ravines, and the water from the springs then flows down the streams in these ravines to the Salaca River. read more ››

Staicele weavers' workshop

Address:Lielā iela 19, Staicele
Phone:+371 27806452
In the restored tree house, you can watch and participate in the work of weavers who use natural materials to create lovely souvenirs and useful household items. 9 looms are on display. You can listen to a story about the weaving process. Weave scarves and dye them with natural dyes. read more ››

Ungurpils Mill Lake

Ungurpils Mill Lake is an artificial lake created by the flooding of the Jogla River. It is unique for its floating islands, which were formed after the lake was flooded. read more ››

Planči Swamp Nature Trail

Address:Staiceles pagasts
The nature trail is located in Planči Swamp, which is an untouched high swamp with a distinct complex of lava beds and is a protected nature area. The swamp is located in the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. read more ››

Ungurpils Mill Lake Trail

Address:Liepu iela 3, Ungurpils
Ungurpils Mill Lake is artificially created, with several floating islands. Next to the lake is a park planted 100 years ago by the former Ungurpils Manor. read more ››

Karogi Nature Trail

Address:Staiceles pagasts, Limbažu novads
The trail leads along the banks of the Karogupīte (Dzelzāmurupīte) river with caves, cliffs, a boulder and the Ķenča castle mound. You can sip the water from the spring. Near the pond, there is a recreation area with bathing and fire places and sports grounds. The trail starts and ends at the rest area by the pond. read more ››

Trail - hiking route in Staicele

Address:Lielā iela 13, Staicele
Phone:+371 27806452
The trail, which starts at the Staicele Tourism Information Centre, Lielajā iela 13, is located in the territory of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, in the Salaca Valley Nature Park. read more ››

Vīķi Manor and Park

Address:"Veckabi", Staiceles pag.
Vīķi Manor and Park is located on the picturesque banks of the Salaca River. The manor complex was built in 1890. Until 1 November 2009, the building housed a children's psychoneurological hospital. read more ››

Aloja Local History Centre

Address:Ausekļa iela 1, Aloja
Phone:+371 29355172
A chance to learn about the history of Aloja and its surroundings, to see exhibitions dedicated to local people. The Aloja Museum was founded on 1 January 2001. read more ››

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Aloja

Address:Baznīcas iela 2, Aloja
Aloja Evangelical Lutheran Church is a Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church church located in the centre of Aloja. read more ››

Monument to the Livs of Vidzeme

Address:Lielā iela 13, Staicele
In July 2004, a sculpture by Zigrīda and Juris Rapa, a boundary stone, a stone boat with a bird for Latvians, Livs and Estonians, was revealed in the centre of Staicele. read more ››

Monument to the citizens of Aloja who died in the Latvian Liberation Fights and in World War I.

Address:"Vecpriesteri", Alojas pagasts
The location of the monument was originally planned to be in the centre of the village of Aloja, at the road junction near the Aloja railway station. The land for this purpose was acquired from the State Land Fund, but its installation was disrupted by the Soviet occupation in 1940 and the Second World War. read more ››

Orthodox Church of the Nativity of Christ

Address:"Vecpriesteri", Alojas pag.
The Orthodox parish in Aloja was founded on 31 August 1846 with the blessing of Bishop Filaret (Gumiļevskis) of Riga, at a time when 700 Lutherans of Aloja joined Orthodoxy between 1845 and 1848. Until 1917 the congregation was registered as the Stakenbergs congregation because it was located in the Stakenbergs manor. read more ››

Poet Ausekli's Bust

Address:Ausekļa iela 1, Aloja
In front of the Aloja Ausekļa Secondary School there is a monument dedicated to poet Auseklis, created by sculptor Marta Lange and installed in 1973. read more ››

Rozēni - Staicele Evangelical Lutheran Church

Address:Kalēju iela 3, Staicele
Rozēnu - Staicele Evangelical Lutheran Church was built in 1930. read more ››
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