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Vārda dienas: Gundars, Kurts, Knuts

For newly wed

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''I want to lull you like the wind lulls a linden in the twilight...''

Address:Katvaru pag. "Rumbiņi"
GPS: lat: 57.600544; lon: 24.889341

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Lauču akmens

Address:Skultes pag., Laučakmens
GPS: lat: 57.370792; lon: 24.444923

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Moments together for the newlyweds in the pottery workshop ''Cepļi''

Address:Skultes pag., Cepļi
GPS: lat: 57.404468; lon: 24.473934

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Old wedding rite in the former magazine building

Address:Vidrižu pagasta "Melngaiļi"

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The widest medical herbs open-air exposition in Vidzeme

Address:Limbažu pagasts, "Lādes Avotiņi"

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A bower which has heard many ''I do''...

Address:Vidrižu pagasts, Bīriņi
GPS: lat: 57.244694; lon: 24.685249

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Relaxation complex ''Meža salas''

Address:Limbažu pag., Mežasalas
GPS: lat: 57.503006; lon: 24.530067

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The wedding glory circle in Bīriņi castle

Address:Vidrižu pag. "Bīriņi"
GPS: lat: 57.244694; lon: 24.685249

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Wedding ceremony by ancient Latvian traditions in Limbaži museum

Address:Burnieku iela 7, Limbaži
GPS: lat: 57.515964; lon: 24.713235
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