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Nature trails

Last edited: 07.01.2021
Nature Trail of Lielezers Lake

GPS: lat: 57.503567271992885; lon: 24.70216372533049
3.6 km long nature trail with ponton bridge, a bird watching tower is build. Near the rail is situated well equipped beach, boat rent, angling, sports fields and playgrounds are available.
Piedāvā: picnick area, swimming, boats (2), paddle boats (5), fishing, bicycles (5), skiing equipment rental, sports ground, children's play square, nature trail, access for disabled

Last edited: 08.12.2020
Katvari manor park

Address: Katvaru pag., Katvari
GPS: lat: 57.558513672917414; lon: 24.799713624521317
Piedāvā: picnick area, swimming, nature trail

Last edited: 09.02.2021
Ķirbiži Nature educational center

Address: Viļķenes pag., Ķirbiži
GPS: lat: 57.651224; lon: 24.489630
In the 18th - 19th century built Ķirbiži manor complex barn - crop - oast, from 1989. runs the only forest museum in Northern Latvia, which in 2009. was renamed as Ķirbiži Nature educational center.
Piedāvā: nature trail, tour guide services

Last edited: 15.03.2021
Niedrāju-Pilkas Swamp

Address:Pāles pag.
GPS: lat: 57.740209; lon: 24.640188
A classic moss swamp, in which a relaxing swamp trail has been created with a bird watch-platform. Services of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve

Piedāvā: nature trail
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