Book "The Lamprey Bible"

The book describes the biology and peculiar life cycle of the lamprey in a fascinating, popular-science style, traces the long history of lamprey fishing, and brings together the stories of fishermen, chefs and traders about their relationship with this peculiar creature which, as it turns out, is a fish after all. 

"The Lamprey Bible" is available at the Limbaži Tourism Information Centres.

Price: 11,00 EUR

Book "The Herring Cookbook"

A unique publication of more than 200 recipes for herring and sprat dishes. The book also includes stories about herring cooking events, including the background of the era and people's perceptions.

"The Herring Cookbook" is available at the Limbaži Tourism Information Centres.

Price: 7,60 EUR

Limbaži municipality calendar 2024

Limbaži Municipality, in cooperation with Zane Skrastiņa, the author of the exhibition "Limbaži through the eyes of children", has created the Limbaži Municipality Calendar 2024 "Limbaži Region in Children's Drawings".

The calendars are available for purchase at the Limbaži, Salacgrīva and Staicele tourist information centres.

Price: 4,00 EUR

A small part of the Vidzeme coast

Hold this little bottle in your hand and feel the calmness of the Vidzeme coast overwhelm you. The smooth surfaces of the stones and the earth's colours transport you to the Vidzeme coast, where calm meets the constant energy of the sea. You can buy empty bottles and fill them yourself. 
Available for purchase at the Salacgriva Tourist Information Centre.

Price: 2,75 EUR

Scented pillows

Give peace of mind to your loved ones. Scented Lavender Pillows are a thoughtful and unique gift that gives a touch of luxury and relaxation that goes beyond the ordinary.
Aromatic pillows are made by Inese Zmičerevska (Facebook: Sidraba zieds. Dekoratīvie izšuvumi).

Price: 10,50 EUR

A5 notebook with logo

A5 notebook decorated with the municipality's logo. This compact and stylish notebook is more than just a place to write notes - it's a piece of local pride and a canvas for your thoughts and ideas.
The notebooks is available at the Limbaži Tourism Information Centres..

Price: 5,16 EUR
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